Is it just me, or do people automatically assume that being twins, they are the best of friends and that they always have each other to play, fight and do things with.If Only…! ( is absolutely what i am thinking, but i just smile and nod, because the ladies asking me this obviously don’t know enough about me or my home to need to know more)My fraternal twins are like night & day. In character, likes, play, and sleep.
Pebbles is the more creative one. She loves to explore and touch and feel things, and is neat and orderly and loves plenty of cuddles and loves to take breaks on mom’s lap.
Bam Bam on the other hand is like a rubber ball,bouncing and rolling around everywhere ( well more like waddling as he hasn’t really got the hang of balance yet). He loves to fight with his big brother, run behind balls, eat anything he can get his hands on, be it hot or cold. He hates sitting still and is always looking for the next adventure.
The twins, being the way they are, play together very rarely.
But they had a rare moment of hugs today, and it was SUPER sweet to watch, until a few seconds later they both fell tumbling down and pebbles hit her head on a table and screamed bloody murder for the next 10 min.