Happy Friday Everyone.

Its been a long and tiresome week in this household. We have had sickness, grief, confusion, trials and a little bit more. But our family of four youngins and Mr. A and me, I believe are a resilient bunch. We don’t scare easy. We might have had a bad week, but we pick up the pieces and we march on. We try hard not to let the shadows of the past make the present or the future look bleak. God is always in our hearts and we believe he will never burden us with more than we are able to bear.

Here is us marching on. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wed 24

The Roo


The Roo has been in a very very strange mood today. Its probably because he is no longer sick and needs to spend all the pent up energy. He has had what feels like about 50 temper tantrums since this morning and its only noon. Most of them has been because we wouldn’t let her bite his big sister. His shrill cries are still echoing in my ears.

Whatever has been bothering Roo has now affected the twins. They have been up all night running fevers and it has not been pretty. The doctor is now on my speed-dial till further notice.

The weather is not getting warmer. We have loads happening this week. Hope its all going to fun and possible. Tigger is a toy soldier in their school adaptation of Pinocchio whose first show is tomorrow. I don’t think he is going to sleep tonight with excitement.

Here is wishing you all happy weather’s like me.

I am sitting here on my computer as i watch Bambam being silly just so that he can make Little Roo laugh. I love that my babies have each other, to laugh with, to play with, to annoy, to wrestle and most importantly to love. With three out of four kids out of the house for a few hours a day, i am thankful. I am thankful for time moving forward, for the times we have seen and the beautiful times i Know we are going to see. I am thankful that little Roo is walking like a pro and that he isn’t too upset being the only little one in the house. It amazes me everyday how quickly he is growing and learning and being his own little individual completely different from his brothers.
I know right now that he is going to know exactly what he wants, and he is going to be persistent is getting it. I know that he loves to laugh and have fun, and wrestle with his big brothers. I know that he loves to chatter and cant wait for the day when we can actually understand it.
I love how his favourate place to be is on top of his grandfather’s shoulders, or his father’s arms.
God bless you my littlest one.


Being in a hospital is hard, for both a patient and one who waits on them. It is hardest when in the hospital waiting room, awaiting news, or unable to see the patient.

Hospital Waiting Room Etiquettes

1) Always call ahead. If the immediate family could be too emotional to converse, then call someone who is also there, or has already been there, such as extended family or friends, to check if it is an appropriate time to go.

2) Once you are there, use common sense to asses the mood of the people there already. Avoid asking the immediate family the condition of the patient unless you know they are getting better. If you really want to know, check with someone from the extended family or friends.

3) If using the phone while in the waiting room,whisper and end the conversation quickly. If not, move out of earshot of the people in the room.

4) Do not work in the waiting room, in the laptop or on the phone. If the work is too important, it is better not to stay in the hospital at all.

5) DO NOT (and this is the biggest one) have idle conversations with others in the waiting room about your kids, weddings, cats or other insignificant and irrelevant topics. It is disrespectful. If someone else initiates one with you, reply curtly and pointedly that lets him or her know you are not interested in talking while there. If you are religious, pray, or read the holy book. If not, respectful-silence is a great option.

6)If you are hungry and have been there a while,excuse yourself, eat and comeback. Anything more that a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit is just too much in the waiting room.

7)Give the immediate family ‘space’. Space to grieve, to hope, to think, to get a handle on their emotions. If you do not know them personally, or think you could say or do something that would help,keep a respectful distance and stay as quite as possible.

8 )Unless you feel you being there could offer emotional support to the members of the immediate family, try to keep the visit brief. Let them know they are in your thoughts/prayers and leave quietly.

IST_6508 (2)

We went all out on the decoration. We had everything from a large red riding hood themed signage.


Gorgeous white chairs with bright red tie backs, and red table clothes with picnic style table runners. Red and teal lanterns and paper fans hanging down from the trees. And a grandma’s house that you can sort of see in the background.


Centrepieces that looked like tree stumps with white twigs that had crystals hung on them, and the red riding hood and the carriage leaning on it.


A Photo background where people could take selfies or fun pictures.


And finally a sweet table with the red riding hood and the carriage making an appearance on the teal background with color themed dessert.


The weather, the sunshine, and the amazing people that came made the day all the more special.


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The decor was done by the amazing Luminous events whom I have known for what seems like forever. They always do an amazing job.


To people who don’t have sisters, sometimes its hard to explain what having a sister is like. Suffice to say i think that most times, it is THE BEST. And I should know, I have two.
My little sister is expecting her second baby soon and my big sister and I decided to throw her a baby shower.
If you didn’t already know, i LOVE planning parties. We were hard pressed to find a theme that would be feminine, but sort of fun too. My big sister picked teal and red as the colors, and as soon as i saw red, i thought it would be amazing to have a Red Riding Hood or to adapt it to the baby shower, Red Riding Carriage Theme.
This is a 5 part series. This is the invitation that we send out last week for the party. We loved how amazing the card turned out.
I am so excited about this series.

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Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Kids Activities
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