The Roo


The Roo has been in a very very strange mood today. Its probably because he is no longer sick and needs to spend all the pent up energy. He has had what feels like about 50 temper tantrums since this morning and its only noon. Most of them has been because we wouldn’t let him bite his big sister. His shrill cries are still echoing in my ears.

Whatever has been bothering Roo, has now affected the twins. They have been up all night, running fevers and it has not been pretty. The doctor is now on my speed-dial till further notice.

The weather is not getting any warmer. We have loads happening this week. Hope its all going to be fun and possible. Tigger is a toy soldier in their school adaptation of Pinocchio and the first show is tomorrow. With all the excitement, I don’t think he is going to sleep tonight.

Here is wishing you all happy weather’s like me.

Photograph by Lisa Lundqvist

I might have spoken too soon when I wrote in my first post that Little Roo might be the only full term baby I might have. Exactly 4 days after I turned 33 weeks, which is incidentally exactly the time I was in with Tigger. On the 22nd of June, Little Roo decided that he just didn’t want to wait anymore. After C section No.3, he came out screaming. Little Roo is my 4th NICU baby, and at some point in time I am going to write about my traumatic birth stories and their NICU times, where the stories are many and not all of them happy. But today it’s just his birth announcement. Tigger is ecstatic and can’t wait till the baby comes home from the NICU (which should be in just a few days). Bam-bam and Pebbles don’t comprehend yet, but at this point, as long they don’t smack Little Roo when he comes home, I think we will be good.

To my new life as a mom to 4!