Happy Friday Everyone.

Its been a long and tiresome week in this household. We have had sickness, grief, confusion, trials and a little bit more. But our family of four youngins and Mr. A and me, I believe are a resilient bunch. We don’t scare easy. We might have had a bad week, but we pick up the pieces and we march on. We try hard not to let the shadows of the past make the present or the future look bleak. God is always in our hearts and we believe he will never burden us with more than we are able to bear.

Here is us marching on. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wed 24

The Roo


The Roo has been in a very very strange mood today. Its probably because he is no longer sick and needs to spend all the pent up energy. He has had what feels like about 50 temper tantrums since this morning and its only noon. Most of them has been because we wouldn’t let her bite his big sister. His shrill cries are still echoing in my ears.

Whatever has been bothering Roo has now affected the twins. They have been up all night running fevers and it has not been pretty. The doctor is now on my speed-dial till further notice.

The weather is not getting warmer. We have loads happening this week. Hope its all going to fun and possible. Tigger is a toy soldier in their school adaptation of Pinocchio whose first show is tomorrow. I don’t think he is going to sleep tonight with excitement.

Here is wishing you all happy weather’s like me.

Photograph by Lisa Lundqvist

I might have spoken too soon when i wrote in my first post that Little Roo might be the only full term baby i might have. Exactly 4 days after i turned 33 weeks, which is incidentally exactly the time i was in with Tigger, on the 22nd of June, Little Roo decided he just didn’t want to wait anymore. After C section No.3, he came out screaming. Little Roo is my 4th NICU baby, and at some point in time i will write about my traumatic birth stories and their NICU times where the stories are many and not all of them happy. But today its just his birth announcement. Tigger is ecstatic and cant wait till he comes home from the NICU which should be in a few days. Bam-bam and Pebbles dont comprehend yet, but at this point as long they don’t smack him when he comes home, i think we will be good.

To my new life as a mom to 4!


Is it just me, or do people automatically assume that being twins, they are the best of friends and that they always have each other to play, fight and do things with.If Only…! ( is absolutely what i am thinking, but i just smile and nod, because the ladies asking me this obviously don’t know enough about me or my home to need to know more)My fraternal twins are like night & day. In character, likes, play, and sleep.
Pebbles is the more creative one. She loves to explore and touch and feel things, and is neat and orderly and loves plenty of cuddles and loves to take breaks on mom’s lap.
Bam Bam on the other hand is like a rubber ball,bouncing and rolling around everywhere ( well more like waddling as he hasn’t really got the hang of balance yet). He loves to fight with his big brother, run behind balls, eat anything he can get his hands on, be it hot or cold. He hates sitting still and is always looking for the next adventure.
The twins, being the way they are, play together very rarely.
But they had a rare moment of hugs today, and it was SUPER sweet to watch, until a few seconds later they both fell tumbling down and pebbles hit her head on a table and screamed bloody murder for the next 10 min.


Photographed by Me

Last week was the spring show at Tigger’s school. Before I go into that I should tell you how much I love his school. Other than the regular stuff one would expect from the school, they have really let Tigger blossom as a real little person.

I would never have expected Tigger to be coming home with a sticker and a huge grin for introducing the whole class at the show and remembering ALL the words. *super applause*

It was a bit of a struggle for me to find an elephant’s costume that Tigger would wear. Unfortunately he is picky about itchy, starchy clothes. But that apart, he loved that I bought some face paints, and a quick internet tutorial at 6 in the morning later, he was happy.

Sadly I missed the show. Pregnancy really hit me hard last week and i could barely get out of bed. Mr. A was super helpful in getting Ayaan dressed, and getting him to school. Also why i only have ONE decent picture of the show.

Super proud mummy today.


Photographed by : Lisa Lundqvist

Welcome to my blog and my first blog post. As a mom to three kids and one on the way, I am sure you can imagine that I have a few stories to share and a few rants to shout. The first one I think needs to be about where we are in life and what we are looking forward to (and that you will read about) in the coming few months.

Big brother Tigger is finishing his last few days in his current school. Change is always hard, and I am really not sure if he will notice the big change. Of course there are a few advantages. The big one being he will be in the same school as his cousins. He loves them to bits, and he will welcome any chance he gets to spend any time with them.

Pebbles and Bam-bam have finally started to walk. As of this month, they are officially 17 months old. Though they were born premature at 28 weeks, they have done so well and I am incredibly proud of my little miracles.

All three of my babies have been premature, with Tigger born at 33 weeks, and I am sure you can imagine that me being 30 weeks pregnant as of this week has got my family on their toes.  I keep telling them though that I have the feeling Little Roo is going for the long haul and is probably going to be the only full term baby I will ever have.

It is official though; my belly walks into a room before I do. I should probably enjoy this as it is probably going to my last few days as a pregnant woman, and ofcourse when I say enjoy, I meal milk it for all its worth.

Craving Curly Wurly candy bars today.