Photographed by Me

Last week was the spring show at Tigger’s school. Before I go into that I should tell you how much I love his school. Other than the regular stuff one would expect from the school, they have really let Tigger blossom as a real little person.

I would never have expected Tigger to be coming home with a sticker and a huge grin for introducing the whole class at the show and remembering ALL the words. *super applause*

It was a bit of a struggle for me to find an elephant’s costume that Tigger would wear. Unfortunately he is picky about itchy, starchy clothes. But that apart, he loved that I bought some face paints, and a quick internet tutorial at 6 in the morning later, he was happy.

Sadly I missed the show. Pregnancy really hit me hard last week and i could barely get out of bed. Mr. A was super helpful in getting Ayaan dressed, and getting him to school. Also why i only have ONE decent picture of the show.

Super proud mummy today.