..write long blog posts. I just cant. I was browsing the blogosphere for some inspirations and I came across blog after blog where I could keep on scrolling down to see the end – and there was none. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit there but Seriously bloggers. It was UnReal.

I had to then question myself, if I really WAS doing it right, am I really asking (or answering) the right questions. Is there some cryptic rule book that is unknown to me, which specifies a minimum word count and a specific structure?

And then I remembered. Wait a second, I couldn’t care a rat’s bottom (I am learning to watch my language with the 6 year old) if there is one. It’s my blog –  to rant, to think, to ask, to answer. It shouldn’t really matter, if my question is 5  or 500 words long.

And so this is me, making my own rules in my own space.

Blog Gyan for the year, DONE!

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