I don’t think I ever want to be a mom that says ‘no’ too much.
My 6 year old told me last week that it was the one thing i tell him the most. ( i was hoping it was ‘i love you’ , but apparently not)

The world we live in, unfortunately, is extreamely judgemental, and as much as I would like to shield my kids from the monster that it is, they will eventually have to face it, an in all probability, on their own. I try to teach them the importance of not judging, the importance of not looking into your neighbour’s plate to see if you have more than them, but to make sure that they have enough. The importance of accepting that we as a family maybe different from others in his class, but that does make us better or less important than them.

Though ofcourse i cannot tell them that others will not judge; and, as much as i’d like to, stop them from judging me and my own. What I Can do, and will continue to is to teach the troop to be kind. As much as it is important for us to be kind to others, it is also important to face judgement and criticism with kindness. To not shout or rant, or complain or be upset, but to understand that their opinions are their own and it is not important or necessary to impose ours on them or to adopt theirs into our lives. Ofcourse it is a long hard difficult continuous struggle for a 6 year old boy today, as much as it is for his mom, but it is a lesson I need to remind him and myself every day.

In the Spirit of free expression and trying different things without fear of judgement or repraoch, I let tigger go out and choose his haircut! With the national day of UAE coming up the salon had a special where they applied temporary coloured hair spray in the flag colors. Think i might have given Mr. A a heart attack when i send him that picture of tigger with his new ‘do’.
I thought it was amazing that Tigger wanted to try new things. Ofcourse he wasnt so fond of the oil i had to rub vigorously in his hair to get the said color out, but thats a story for another day.

Until that story today.

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