Part of the reason why I love having parties in the Royal stables is that there is a ready entertainment for the kids in the form of a lovely park with swings, slides and more.
Almost everyone invited was bringing two or more kids so we thought it would be lovely to add a few more activities especially for them.

IST_6591 We had the ever classic face and body painting.


We also had mask making, which the girls especially gravitated towards.


And the highlight of the Royal stables being the pony rides, which cheered up even the grumpiest of kids at the party.


Suffice to say, the kids had as much fun as the adults at the event, if not more.

The event planners Luminous events did an amazing job of setting up the activities for the kids.

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Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Games And Favors

We wanted the food to be wholesome, colorful and fun to look at.


We set out a buffet, which began with loads of canapés and
other finger food and dips. We also added salads.


For the main course we not only had small portions of wraps,
grilled chicken, rice and a few curries, but we added fish and chicken fingers
with chips for the kids as well.

IST_6908 IST_6911

We also had a few Arabic dishes like skewers and kebabs.


Our dessert table was extensive with macaroons, trifles,
cheese cakes, eclairs and more in individual portions. The highlight of the
dessert table was the beautiful croquem boche that you can see only a part of
the pictures.


My favourite were these heavenly mini chocolate cakes with
the tiny bee on them. They were super cute.


And finally the cake that was cut. We didn’t want an ostentatious one, but still it had to be sweet and to theme. The caterers did an amazing job of it.
We were super happy.



The entire catering was done by Dclub, who can make
literally all your food dreams come true.

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Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Invite
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Decor
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Kids Activities
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Games And Favors

IST_6508 (2)

We went all out on the decoration. We had everything, including a large red riding hood themed signage.

Gorgeous white chairs with bright red tie backs, and red table clothes with picnic style table runners. Red and teal lanterns and paper fans hanging down from the trees. And a grandma’s house that you can sort of see in the background.

IST_6549 Centre pieces that looked like tree stumps with white twigs that had crystals hanging on them, and the red riding hood and the carriage leaning on it.


IST_6863 There was a photo background, where people could take selfies or fun pictures.

IST_6532 And finally a sweet table with the red riding hood and the carriage making an appearance on the teal background with color themed dessert.



The weather, the sunshine, and the amazing people that came made the day all the more special. Thank you all.


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Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Invite
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Food
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Kids Activities
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Games And Favors

The decor was done by the amazing Luminous events whom I have known for what seems like forever. They always do an amazing job.


To people who don’t have sisters, sometimes its hard to explain what having a sister is like. Suffice to say i think that most times, it is THE BEST. And I should know, I have two.
My little sister is expecting her second baby soon and my big sister and I decided to throw her a baby shower.
If you didn’t already know, i LOVE planning parties. We were hard pressed to find a theme that would be feminine, but sort of fun too. My big sister picked teal and red as the colors, and as soon as i saw red, i thought it would be amazing to have a Red Riding Hood or to adapt it to the baby shower, Red Riding Carriage Theme.
This is a 5 part series. This is the invitation that we send out last week for the party. We loved how amazing the card turned out.
I am so excited about this series.

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Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Decor
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Food
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Kids Activities
Red Riding Carriage Themed Baby Shower – Games And Favors

…wonderful! Yes, today was absolutely wonderful. I love days which I have been looking forward to for a while and today was definitely one of those days. My little sister is expecting her second baby and we threw a wonderful shower party for her – full of love, fun and some amazing food *obviously*.

The theme was Little Red Riding Hood, and it was HEAPS of fun.


Life is an unrelenting teacher. One which you can never turn away from and one which tests your strength and faith.

There are days like yesterday, carefree and simple. A routine to be followed, and path to be walked.

And then there are days like today, where a constant thought burdens your mind, and a heaviness settles in your heart. One where you look for distractions, only to realize, that the only way to unburden yourself is to think it through, to think, despair if only for a moment, overcome that despair, accept it and move on.

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”
― Haruki Murakami


..write long blog posts. I just cant. I was browsing the blogosphere for some inspirations and I came across blog after blog where I could keep on scrolling down to see the end – and there was none. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit there but Seriously bloggers. It was UnReal.

I had to then question myself, if I really WAS doing it right, am I really asking (or answering) the right questions. Is there some cryptic rule book that is unknown to me, which specifies a minimum word count and a specific structure?

And then I remembered. Wait a second, I couldn’t care a rat’s bottom (I am learning to watch my language with the 6 year old) if there is one. It’s my blog –  to rant, to think, to ask, to answer. It shouldn’t really matter, if my question is 5  or 500 words long.

And so this is me, making my own rules in my own space.

Blog Gyan for the year, DONE!

This book had me bewildered, confounded and bedazzled. There are some books I read from start to finish in a few hours, and some I have to push through the first few chapters before I start loving it. There are some again that I just don’t understand from start to finish, but I read them, just because I hate leaving a book unfinished MORE than I dislike the book itself. But THIS book left me *dazed*, yes that’s the work I pick, dazed.

I automatically link myself to either the protagonist or one of the main characters of any book I am reading, but in this, I feel detached, like I am a doctor dissecting a cadaver. I feel numb, I feel emotionless.

The fact that I am writing about this book on my blog obviously proves that this book means something to me, resonates somewhere inside me, but I guess what I am trying to say is, for the life of me, I can’t think of what that feeling is.

On the website of this book there is a question I answer now.

What would one piece of advice to your past self be?

It would be to believe. To believe in everything becoming right at the end. To believe that there exists a happy ending. To strengthen the belief in a supreme power, to believe that the happily-ever-after does exist and it is right around the corner.


I am book-lover and it is hard for me to review a book, because I am yet to come across the one I imagine I could write better. And so the books I mention on this blog are those I read and those I love.


Have I told you about the Wonder Woman is my life? No, I guess not.
The Ms. WW is my life is my PT. After 4 kids my fitness and health is not what it was and I miss that.

On my list of things to do before I turn 30, is to run a marathon, and I seriously need to gain some stamina before I can do that.

Ms. WW motivates me. Reminds me that I am stronger than that stair-master. That it’s all in the head, and that the only thing stopping me from getting healthier is me.

Today was one of those days I really didn’t want to work out. But I did. Because it means something in my life now. I need a day to come, sooner than later, when I am not horizontally generous. Where I can chase the twins to my hearts content without puffing like a choo-choo train.

And I am glad I have made the decision to be healthier and am doing something about it. Now it is just a matter of time. And it doesn’t matter that I have days like today, when I can barely stand on my feet from sheer exhaustion. It means something.