This book had me bewildered, confounded and bedazzled. There are some books i read from start to finish in a few hours, and some i have to push through the first few chapters before i start loving it. There are some again that I just don’t understand from start to finish, but i read because i hate leaving a book unfinished MORE that i dislike the book itself. But THIS book left me *dazed*, yes thats the work i pick, dazed.

I automatically link myself to either the protagonist or one of the main characters of any book i am reading, but in this, i feel detached, like i am a doctor dissecting a cadaver, i feel numb and i feel emotionless.
The fact that i am writing about this book on my blog of-course proves that this book means something to me, resonates somewhere inside me, but i guess what i am trying to say is, for the life of me, i cant think of that feeling is. 

On the website of this book is a question i answer now.

What would one piece of advice to your past self be?

It would be to believe. To believe in everything becoming right at the end. to believe that there exists a happy ending. To strengthen the belief in a supreme power, to believe that the happily-ever-after does exist and it is right around the corner. 


I am book-lover and it is hard for me to review a book because i am yet to come across one I imagine i could write better than. And so i mention on this blog those i read, and those i love

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