Have you seen this ad by Ariel India?

It says so much about gender stereotypes. We are taught from such a young age about gender roles and being confined and constrained by them. I used to struggle against them with friends (part of studying in an all-girls-school), without knowing why.
Today I appreciate being married to someone who shares my load.
My mother, though within her gender role, ran the house like a CEO would. She was organized, meticulous, and detailed. She knew where everything was and what everyone was doing. She never stopped voicing her opinion and my father never stopped listening. They raised three daughter who eventually went on to start their own companies and be the bosses of their own worlds. #sharetheload

For this I am thankful. Thankful to my parents for believing in me. Thankful to my husband’s parents for raising a son who believes in sharing the load. Thankful to my sisters who teach me every day that the women of today ARE empowered.

May we all be blessed with companions that share our load.

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